Training Horse and Rider


Philosophy  Training should be fun and a pleasure for both horse and rider. We use classical techniques to train all horses and riders including eventing, trail and show jumping riders, amateur and professional. We came to dressage from eventing, sporting and show jumping backgrounds and were blessed to be trained over the years by some of the top German, Dutch, Danish, Austrian, Australian, Spanish and US riders and trainers.


Biomechanics This is the bare bones for the mechanics of how a horse moves and balances the rider. We cannot balance the horse; the horse has to balance the rider. Any movement in the upper body left or right will cause the horse to drift that way, conversely the correct movement of the hips, a three point seat (not a back seat), soft balanced legs and a spine that uses the “core” will co-ordinate the horse’s gaits, transitions and expression. Hang in it is worth the effort! We have coached several riders to Grand Prix and USDF Gold Medal achievement.


Joy of Training If training is not fun for you it certainly will not be for the horse. If training is not exciting, goal orientating, satisfying and fun every day then something is wrong. You want to say each day “this is so much fun, I cannot wait for tomorrow, in fact I would ride longer but I know my horse is tired”. Every day you need to feel some progress, even if training on that day was not as good as yesterday. We all have our good and bad days. The joy and satisfaction of correct training make for a happy and contented horse and rider.


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